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       Blocked path? Looking for something new? Here is how you can secure a new position with greater enjoyment and increased compensation in a more stable environment.

       You will also discover how to break open the "code" to make executive recruiters pay off for you as you've always wanted -- and avoid becoming a job search beggar.

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       My name is Lee Roberts, and I coach executives like you to transition into your desired position in far less time (months) and with a much greater comp package than you can negotiate on your own.

       Throughout the years I've used my successful marketing packages with executives in 242 industries in a wide range of executive jobs. There is no reason why you should waste time job searching the hard way when I am here to develop a successful "master blueprint" for your executive search.

       You will discover how I successfully market top executives and senior directors in a nontraditional job search style -- in order to gain greater job challenge and career opportunity.

       Throw away your old notions about an executive job search, your resume, your cover letter, setting up an interview, and how to answer an interview question. Forget the misinformation you've learned about executive recruiters. Even forget what you've learned about an executive job posting. That was then, this is now...

       I contend that spray-and-pray and social media job search methods used by conventional marketers, recruiters, and YOU often offend your prospective employer -- even though you may be the exact candidate they seek to hire.

       Read on to discover what you can do about this and other little-known executive job search blunders, and vital facts executive job seekers want to know.

RECRUITER FACT: Nearly ALL executive job seekers I meet tell me they have little respect for recruiters -- and this is a shame! Finally, you can forget about playing the executive recruiter version of "Russian Roulette".

With my 3-pronged recruiter approach you can now break open the code and make executive recruiters (internal and external / retained and contingent) pay off for you as you've always desired.

If you believe recruiters have your best interest at stake, then you have a lot to learn about the untold truth of executive recruitment. Let me ask you these 2 simple questions:

1. When a recruiter secures a contract to find 3 or 4 or 5 candidates for a position, does the recruiter favor you in this pool of candidates?

2. If you are lucky enough to be selected for an offer, does your recruiter have your best interest at heart, or the interest of their client company who has possibly paid them hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years for previous searches?

Your answers to these questions should be no-brainers, yet failing to understand them can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and even worse, you may hire on with the wrong company.

So, get this one point etched into your brain: Recruiters look out for themselves and their client company, not you!

INTERVIEW FACT: Unlike conventional job search pseudo "wisdom" that preaches you should get the interview as quickly as possible, I will give you solid advice (and convince you without great effort) why this is against your best interest -- and portrays you as a beggar (and what you can do about it)!

INTERVIEW FACT: Do you know the 2 vital questions to ask when setting up a phone or in person interview? I doubt it, since I have NEVER met an executive who uses this technique in a job search, yet it is a passive technique you don't think twice about using in your daily business operations.

I'll show you how to immediately set yourself apart from your competition with these 2 vital questions. If you're like over 97% of ALL executive job seekers, you fail miserably at maximizing your value AFTER the offer is made.

Now you can increase your first year comp and benefits dramatically (up to $172,000 like my clients have done) with my breakthrough executive job offer strategy alone.

RESUME FACT: Again, unlike conventional executive search "wisdom", I contend that your resume will have more value and power when used as a supporting document rather than a leading document. And, I can win your quick approval on this fact once I let you discover the untold truth about resumes.

Plus, I will reveal the #1 vital question executive career marketing and executive resume services always fail to ask you -- and their failure to ask this vital question can lead you astray.

       Years ago a top man in marketing, considered at that time by Success Magazine to be the greatest marketing expert alive, commented on my copywriting skill and marketing conceptualization.

       When he saw my potent writing style and concepts, his first words were, "This is clean, real clean, this is clean!"

       Shortly thereafter he engaged me to develop his #1 priority project for a global promotional campaign (Your Marketing Genius At Work). I had achieved a 10 year dream come true!

       How much difference can a few words make in your written and verbal communication? Mark Twain said, "The difference between the right word and the wrong word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug."

       What would you rather have, the power of a lightning bug -- or the power of lightning in your words? My P.O.W.E.R. verbal and written phrases have made all the difference time and again for my successful clients.

       Your proven career record of success and current executive search, plus my proven direct response marketing success are a match made for unparalleled success in your executive job search.

"Thanks is not enough." Keith Heckel, CFO

"You have been the most positive experience of my job search. Your enthusiasm and energy are infectious. You have been a clear communicator and an outstanding motivator." Earl Johnson, VP

"I'm a big believer that what goes around comes around, and you obviously must be also. Thank you again for your help, you're special!" Tim Levin, CEO

"I find you very original and targeted. You know your business." Leonard Black, VP

       Let's move on... You have just received an opportunity to avoid Job Search Suicide that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

       Through my P.O.W.E.R. System (Powerhouse Of Winners Ensures Rewards) you'll learn why implementing traditional job search methods while working with recruiters, using social media, and conventional networking, contrary to popular belief, can be a sure guarantee to executive job search frustration and accepting a position and compensation package much less than you deserve.

       You may be there right now!

       Because "one size doesn't fit all", I originated my Multi-Style Executive Job-Changing Strategy.

       Take note, we are in a tough job market and you must seriously consider your options. Also consider that in learning a new procedure (as in my P.O.W.E.R. executive job-changing system) there is a learning curve (albeit short), and you will want to keep this in mind.

       Now you can learn how to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes you can make in programming your executive search -- and what you can do about it to win the exact position you desire.

       You can email me at with your resume to schedule a 40 minute phone meeting to discuss your job search and career advancement. Sincerely, Lee Roberts

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